Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Kim urges world leaders to tackle poverty through increasing access to improved sanitation

World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim today at the Sanitation and Water for All ministers meeting called on world leaders to take urgent action to provide access to basic sanitation services for their citizens, as a means to fight poverty. The remarks come ahead of the IMF-WBG Spring Meetings.

“We’re here today to act to prevent millions of needless deaths of people – most of them poor children – who die because of a lack of sanitation,” said Kim. 

An estimated 2.5 billion people do not have access to functioning toilets or sanitary means of disposing human feces. This includes the 1 billion people who practice open defecation near rivers and fields, spreading germs from human waste through food, water and washing of clothes. 

 The resulting diarrheal disease accounts for thousands of children dying every day, among countless other negative impacts like child stunting. The economic impacts from morbidity, health, environment and industry losses are equally staggering. And, despite almost 1.9 billion people gaining access to toilets or latrines since 1990, sanitation remains one of the most off-track Millennium Development Goals globally. 

Kim noted that reaching the Bank Group’s goals of ending extreme poverty by 2030 and boosting shared prosperity for the poorest 40%, cannot be achieved without fixing sanitation, which is directly linked to poverty. 

“The World Bank Group is committed to doing our part, both in financing and improving delivery,” said Kim. “Our newly appointed Senior Director of the Water Practice, Junaid Ahmad, will be working closely with all of you to develop a plan for sustained global focus and commitment towards sanitation and water for all. We’ll work with leaders on a “whole-of-government” approach -- teaming up with Ministers of Education to put sanitation facilities in every school; with Ministers of Health to add sanitation to health and nutrition programs; and with Ministers of Agriculture, the Environment, and Urban Planning to include basic sanitation in environmental and urban planning and social programs that target the poor. 

He said the WBG will strengthen its role in creating and sharing knowledge, working with public and private sector partners, and civil society. He added that the experience of NGOs like BRAC in Bangladesh and the Kenya Water for Health Organization can give greater insight. 

Kim also noted the United Nations has laid important groundwork to raise global awareness and set goals around this critical issue. He said the UN and World Bank Group will leverage our combined strength and align with organizations like WaterAid, Toilet Hackers, Global Poverty Project, ONE DROP, and others.

Kim added that the World Bank Group will broaden stakeholder engagement, including with leaders from the private sector, who are eager to understand their piece of the science of service delivery. The World Bank Group is already in discussions with companies about how private sector financing and knowledge can be mobilized to improve sanitation.

Over the last seven years, the World Bank Group has committed an average of over US$3 billion a year to water and sanitation services. It is the largest multilateral financier for water and sanitation.

Nowhere is the situation more urgent than in Africa. In Tanzania, the World Bank’s $200 million financing for the Government’s Water Sector Development Program also supports urban and rural sanitation. “Ensuring sustainable access to improved sanitation and safe water supply is a crucial ingredient of success for the Government of Tanzania’s effort to alleviate poverty, improve productivity and stimulate growth. 

The World Bank remains steadfast in our continuing support to an inclusive growth agenda as well as improving the sanitation sector’s performance. I am convinced that through strong partnerships and commitment such as this, we can make a difference,” says Philippe Dongier, the World Bank Country Director for Tanzania. “This will no doubt lay the foundations for the government's longer term vision of having an additional 20 million people gain access to improved sanitation by 2025.

Philips reiterates commitment to sustainable healthcare and lighting solutions during its fifth pan-African roadshow

• Philips’ fifth Cairo to Cape Town roadshow contributes to ambitions to significantly expand its business footprint on the continent

• Focus on the UN Millennium Development Goals 4 and 5 as well as the post-2015 Development agenda; maternal and child health, non-communicable diseases and energy efficient LED lighting

• 21st century LED technology to highlight iconic city monuments

Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA) announces its fifth consecutive pan-African Cairo to Cape Town roadshow (from 14 April to 3 September 2014) continuing to focus on key challenges facing Africa today - the need for energy-efficient lighting and the revitalization of African healthcare infrastructure. 

With an Africa-relevant product portfolio and a strong historical presence on the continent, Philips is committed to significantly expand its business footprint in Africa in the coming years and enhance life in Africa with meaningful innovations. The annual pan-African Cairo to Cape Town roadshow is an important vehicle in Philips’ approach to enhance understanding of local needs and growing the market.

“As investment demand continues to grow in most of Africa (1), we are very positive about expanding our business footprint on the continent. In the past decade (2), 6 of the 10 fastest growing economies in the world were in Africa; Philips is therefore aiming for double digit growth in the coming years”, states JJ van Dongen, Senior Vice President and CEO Philips Africa. “Local entrepreneurship and talent development continue to be key in addressing the complexities of the African market and in developing locally relevant innovations that meet the needs of Africa’s growing middle class.”

Focus on Post-2015 Development Agenda and non-communicable diseases

Philips remains consistently committed to reducing child mortality and improving maternal health, linked to the current UN Millennium Development Goals 4 and 5 (MDGs) . In contribution to the Post-2015 Development Agenda , Philips calls for improving universal access to healthcare and reducing the double-disease burden of communicable and non-communicable diseases (NCDs) as additions to the current MDGs.

Figures from Philips’ latest Fabric of Africa Trends Report show that in 2008, nearly three million African deaths were attributable to preventable or treatable NCDs. That figure will rise by more than 25 percent in the next decade. This year’s roadshow will have an increased focus on non-communicable diseases in addition to Mother and Child care.

21st century technology to highlight iconic city monuments

Next to healthcare solutions, Philips will introduce its latest LED and solar innovations during the roadshow. More than 600 million people in Africa currently have no access to electricity; Philips’ off-grid LED solar powered solutions illuminate the most remote areas and provide energy-efficient lighting. Philips has committed to installing 100 “light centers” to off-grid communities by 2015, over a third of these “light centers” have already been installed and more will be inaugurated during the upcoming roadshow. 

Additionally, Philips has committed to lighting up and illuminating one iconic monument in every city visited during the roadshow with the latest LED technology. As the number one lighting company in the world, Philips has transformed iconic city landmarks around the globe and will now provide a stunning lighting makeover of historic, well-recognized monuments in African cities.

Scaling innovations in technology and education

Research and innovation are central to Philips’ activities in Africa. The recently launched Philips Africa Innovation Hub in Nairobi, Kenya, will be the center for developing innovations “in Africa-for Africa”. To increase the impact of newly developed solutions, Philips continues to combine the introduction of new innovations with dedicated focus on clinical education and training. Since 2011 Philips has trained over 2,500 healthcare professionals during the Cairo to Cape Town roadshow and clinical education and healthcare training continues to remain a priority.

Addressing aspirational needs of the African consumer

Philips’ consumer lifestyle portfolio, through innovation and localization, will focus on the continent’s desire for healthier cooking as well as beauty and grooming solutions by introducing new products to meet the aspirational needs of the rising middle class in Africa.

Cairo to Cape Town Roadshow 2014

The roadshow brings together key stakeholders including governments, NGO’s, professional associations, and research institutions to exchange best practices, collaborate and develop public-private partnerships aimed at addressing key challenges in Africa.

“We have been in Africa for many years and have a strong installed base of our equipment, but we strongly acknowledge the benefits of dialogue during this roadshow and the need for our company to listen to the local market and understand how we can adapt our products to better serve this continent”, summarizes JJ van Dongen.

The roadshow kicks-off in Cairo on 14th April 2014 and will make its next stop in Algiers on 12th May, and concludes in Cape Town on 3rd September.

Distributed by APO (African Press Organization) on behalf of Royal Philips.

Leading Businesses, government officials and International businesses converged in Dubai on the 6th and 7th of April for the second investment Summit

Leading Businesses, government officials and International businesses converged in Dubai on the 6th and 7th of April for the second investment Summit hosted by the Somalia Economic Forum.

The federal Government of Somalia was represented by H.E Said Ali Korshel, Who is the minister of Transport and Civil aviation, H.E Yusuf Moallim Amin, Minister of ports and Marine Transport and former Prime Minister of Somalia H.E Ali Ghedi.

In reassuring the business community, H.E Korshel said, “Rebuilding the State of Somalia is our key priority and investment is what our country needs, this summit shows that Somalia is getting back to its normality”.

In his keynote address, Mr Hassan Al Hashimi, Vice President Dubai Chambers of Commerce highlighted the role of Dubai as a gateway to Africa and the annual Africa Global Business forum was an indication of the importance of Dubai to Africa. 

On Somalia Mr Al Hashimi stressed that the long standing bilateral relation between Somalia and Dubai. In 2013 trade between the two countries was up to $1.3 Billion and further security stability in Somalia will see an increase in this. Mr Al Hashmi said Dubai was home to many successful Somalia Businesses whose contribution to the society was invaluable.

The summit attracted the attention of International Governments with the United States Sending their Embassy Staffers from Nairobi whilst Sweden sent their Diplomats from Dubai and Nairobi.

Hassan Dudde, MD Somali Economic Forum in an interview spoke of his organisation’s commitment to driving Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to Somalia, the summit was a clear indication of these efforts. Mr Dudde said that over 70 firms attended the forum and was quite pleased to see the level of interaction that took place at the summit.

Somalia Businesses in one accord voiced concern over security, urging governments to honour part of their agreement. Investing in general infrastructure as well as ensuring security stability throughout the country.

Legal practitioners from Hogan Lovells and Anjawalla and Khana spoke of the importance of a clear legal framework as a driver to Investment.

‘Investors need to know where and how to invest, when to take out their money and who to go to if there is a dispute’ Africa must become better in establishing this clarity. Mohamed Elgatit – Hogan Lovells Stated.

The summit highlighted potential in Somalia’s Infrastructure sector, Agriculture, Energy as well as Telecom.

Mr Samer Khalaf, Director for Africa and Middle East at the Russian Gazprombank was very pleased to have attended the summit. ‘There is certainly an interest for Somalia from Gazprombank, we are on the ground working on due diligence before getting to the real work’’.

PTA bank, the Trade and Development Bank of Eastern and Southern Africa (PTA Bank) is a treaty-based regional institution, announced of the recent lifting of sanction against Somalia. A clear indication of the bank’s commitment to the region and especially in Somalia’s Stability.

Somalia’s finance sector is very lucrative, the interest shown by the financial institutions represented at the summit.

Dahabshiil Bank Ceo , Mr Hirsi Dirir indicated plans to open up banks in Somalia and Nairobi, other institutions were Chase Bank, IBS and the recently launched micro finance bank targeting rural farmers, traders and fishing community in Somalia , Barwaqo Bank.

The summit concluded by calling the Government to play its role in providing security and infrastructure and from the Government, the minister reassured the business community that efforts were being done to ensure security of investment.

The Government stressed that the Investment regulation would ensure the overall benefit of Somalis as well as Investors.

There was a rallying call too from the Government for 3rd Investment Summit scheduled for next year to be hosted in Mogadishu.

Distributed by APO (African Press Organization) on behalf of the Somali Economic Forum.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Maalim Seif awapa pole Radio Noor

Makamu wa Kwanza wa Rais wa Zanzibar Mhe. Maalim Seif Sharif Hamad, amesema kuungua kwa studio za Radio Noor Fm, ni pigo kwa waislamu wa Zanzibar na Taifa kwa ujumla.

Amesema kituo hicho ni muhimu katika kutoa taaluma mbali mbali zikiwemo zile zinazohusiana na maadili ya kiislamu, jambo ambalo pia linaisaidia serikali katika kurejesha maadili mema kwa jamii.

Mhe. Maalim Seif ametoa kauli hiyo wakati akitembelea studia hizo zilizoko katika jengo la msikiti wa “Masjid Sahaba”, Mtoni Kidatu.

Amesema Radio hiyo imekuwa ikitoa fursa kwa masheikh na wanataaluma kuweza kusambaza taaluma hizo kwa jamii, na kwamba wananchi wamekuwa wakijifunza na kunufaika kutokana na matangazo yake.

Ametoa pole kwa uongozi wa Radio hiyo na wasikilizaji wote wa Radio Noor, kutokana na kuungua kwa radio hiyo, na hatimaye kukosekana kwa matangazo yake.

Mhe. Maalim Seif ametoa wito kwa waislamu wenye uwezo kuichangia radio hiyo ili iweze kurejesha matangazo yake kwa haraka, ambapo yeye ameahidi kuchangia shilingi milioni tano kwa ajili ya kusaidia kurejeshwa kwa huduma hiyo ya matangazo.

Nae Mkurugenzi wa Radio hiyo Sheikh Mohd Suleiman, amesema tukio hilo ni mfululizo wa matukio kadhaa ya aina hiyo yaliyowahi kukikumba kituo hicho tangu kilipoanzishwa miaka mitano iliyopita.

Amesema tukio hilo lililotokea usiku wa tarehe 09 mwezi huu, limepelekea kuungua kwa studio za kurushia matangazo pamoja na vitendea kazi vyake vinavyokisiwa kugharimu shilingi milioni themanini (80).

Wakati huo huo Maalim Seif amemtembelea mtangazaji wa Radio hiyo aliyelazwa katika hospitali kuu ya Mnazi Mmoja ustadh Aboubakar Fakih ambaye alijeruhiwa baada ya kujitupa kutoka ghorofa ya pili, pamoja na kuwajuilia hali wagonjwa wengine waliolazwa katika wodi hiyo.

Kwa mujibu wa daktari wa zamu wa hospitali hiyo dokta Said Omar, mgonjwa huyo ambaye amepata majeruhi katika miguu yake yote miwili pamoja na mkono wa kulia, hali yake inaendelea vizuri.
Hata hivyo amesema atalazimika kubakia hospitalini hapo kwa kipindi kisichopungua miezi miwili, na kuelezea matumaini makubwa na kuweza kupoa na kuendelea na shughuli zake.

Hassan Hamad (OMKR)

Friday, 11 April 2014

From the World’s First Injectable Skeleton Regeneration Protein to a Domestic Waste Biogas System, Ten Africans Are Innovating the Future of the Continent

The African Innovation Foundation (AIF) announced the finalists of the prestigious Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA) 2014 . Ten African innovators have created practical solutions to some of the continent’s most intractable problems, from a domestic waste biogas system to a wafer matrix for paediatric antiretroviral (ARV) drug treatment. Chosen from almost 700 applications from 42 countries, the finalists for the IPA 2014 represent Africans’ potential to address the challenges that are unique to the continent.

The winners of the IPA 2014 will be announced at an awards ceremony on 5 May in Abuja, Nigeria, where keynote speaker, the Honourable Minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Nigeria’s Minister of finance, will highlight the importance of innovation to unlock Africa’s potential for sustainable development and economic growth. 

The winner will receive USD 100 000 for the best innovation based on marketability, originality, scalability, social impact and clear business potential. A runner up will receive USD 25 000 for the best commercial potential and another winner will receive USD 25 000 as a special prize for innovation with the highest social impact. Prior to the awards ceremony, a roundtable featuring innovation experts will take place, to address the theme “A Path to Building Industrial Nation Skillsets in Africa”.

“As global leaders gather for the 2014 World Economic Forum on Africa to discuss approaches to inclusive growth and job creation, the IPA 2014 innovators demonstrate that the best way to achieve equitable economic growth for all Africans is to invest in local innovation and entrepreneurship,” said Jean-Claude Bastos de Morais, founder of the African Innovation Foundation and the IPA. 

From South Africa to Niger, the IPA 2014 finalists are:

• Ashley Uys (South Africa)

OculusID Impairment Screening

The OculusID Impairment Screening device is designed to measure pupil response to light emissions. The pupil response can then be measured against pre-determined benchmarks. These benchmarks are applied to measure substance abuse, physiological defects and even fatigue. The device is a far less invasive procedure than existing methods.

• Daniel Gitau Thairu (Kenya)

Domestic Waste Biogas System

The Domestic Waste Biogas System is a new type of biogas digester which utilizes any material capable of decomposing instead of relying on animal dung to generate gas. Materials that can be used include dirty water, leftover food, spoiled grain, and vegetable and fruit peelings. This makes biogas usable even by households that cannot afford animals.

• Elise Rasel Cloete (South Africa)

GMP Traceability Management Software CC

This software is programmed to capture, store and trace data about livestock and enables data to be captured in real-time. The data is then stored in an ear tag placed on livestock and backed up on a remote server.

• Joshua Okello (Kenya)


This innovation is a low-cost mobile phone based antenatal diagnosis kit that captures foetal heart beat sounds and provides diagnosis which is sent to the mother through SMS. The data can also be uploaded to cloud storage.

• Logou Minsob (Togo)


This is a device designed to replace the mortar and pestles used in preparing the popular West African dish, foufou. The “FOUFOUMIX " is a small electrical food processor that allows generates discreet, quick and hygienic foufou in 8 minutes, substantially reducing the amount of time needed to prepare the dish, while also enhancing the hygienic conditions during production.

• Dr. Nicolaas Duneas (South Africa)

Altis Osteogenic Bone Matrix (Altis OBM™)

Altis OBM is the world’s first injectable bone-graft product containing a complex mix of various bone growth compounds derived from porcine (pig). It is used to stimulate the host’s own tissue regeneration system in a way that leads to the healing of a fracture or bone void, much in the same way as occurs in a normal unassisted fracture healing processes.

• Maman Abdou Kane (Niger)

Horticultural tele irrigation

The "Horticultural Tele-Irrigation system is a technological process that allows growers to remotely control their market garden irrigation system through a mobile or landline regardless of geographic location.

• Melesse Temesgen (Ethiopia)

Aybar BBM

The Aybar BBM is a low-cost farming device that can be used by farmers to plough fields that are usually waterlogged and helps them easily drain the water. This turns soils or fields that were otherwise unavailable for farming into high yielding fields.

• Sulaiman Bolarinde Famro (Nigeria)

Farmking Mobile Multi-crop Processor

The innovation uses centrifugal forces to process cassava, sweet potatoes, soy, she-nuts, grains and cereals. It helps to separate the tubers from liquid, particles and impurities/toxic elements. The extractor is designed to replace the present crude fermentation and pressing technology which is extremely slow and wasteful and offers limited output and profitability. The extractor reduces a process that normally takes 3 - 4 days into a 5 minute process offering higher quality product outputs.

• Viness Pillay (South Africa)


WaferMatTM is a tasty paediatric formulation of ARV therapy in the form of a wafer that dissolves within 3 seconds of being placed in the mouth. The wafer makes the process of administering the drug to children easier and also makes absorption more efficient.

The AIF believes that the best solutions to the challenges Africans face on a daily basis can and will come from Africans themselves and innovation is the key. The IPA selection committee represents private equity investors, seed funders, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, innovation catalysts and development leaders who are looking for ideas that move Africa forward. The call for applications for IPA 2015 will be announced in July. For detailed information of competition categories, conditions of entry, and submission details, please visit

Distributed by the African Press Organization on behalf of the Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA).

Mwenyekiti mwenza wa Kamati Kuu ya Taifa ya Sensa ya Watu na Makazi ya mwaka 2012 Makamu wa Pili wa Rais wa Zanzibar Balozi Seif Ali Iddi akikiendesha Kikao cha Kamati hiyo kilichokutana katika Ukumbi wa Wizara ya Nchi Ofisi ya Waziri Mkuu Tawala za Mikoa na Serikali za Mitaa { TAMISEMI } Mjini Dodoma.

Kmati ya sensa yakusudia kuzindua chapisho jipya

Kamati Kuu ya Taifa ya Sensa ya Watu na Makazi ya Mwaka 2012 inatarajia kuzindua Chapisho la Tatu la Taarifa za msingi za Kidemografia, Kijamii na Kiuchumi Tarehe 23 April mwak huu wa 2014 katika kusherehekea miaka 50 ya Muungano wa Tannganyika na Zanzibar.

Uzinduzi huo unaotarajiwa kufanywa na Rais wa Jamuhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania Dr. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete utafanyika katika Ukumbi wa Kimataifa wa Julius Nyerere Mjini Dar es salaam.

Taarifa ya uzinduzi huo imefahamika ndani ya Kikao cha Kamati Kuu ya Taifa ya Sensa ya Watu na Makazi ya mwaka 2012 kilichofanyika chini ya Mwenyekiti Mwenza wa Kamati hiyo Makamu wa Pili wa Rais wa Zanzibar Balozi Seif Ali Iddi kwenye ukumbi wa Wizara ya Nchi Ofisi ya Waziri Mkuu Tawala za Mikoa na Serikali za Mitaa iliyopo Mjini Dodoma.

Akitoa Taarifa ya Wizara ya Fedha ya Serikali ya Jamuhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania Naibu Waziri wa Wizara hiyo Mh. Muigulu Nchemba alisema maandalizi ya machapisho mengine 10 yanaendelea kufuatia kukamilika kwa zoezi la Sensa ya Watu lililofanyika mwezi Oktoba mwaka 2012 Nchini kote Tanzania.

Mh. Nchemba aliyataja baadhi ya machapisho hayo yatazingatia zaidi takwimu zilizokusanywa na wataalamu wa Sensa zinazohusu Vizazi na ndoa, Elimu, Uhamiaji na Makazi pamoja na hali ya ulemavu.

Alizipongeza Taasisi na Mashirika ya Kitaifa na Kimataifa kupitia Walaamu wao kwa kushirikiana na Wizara hiyo katika kufanikisha kazi ya Sensa licha ya changamoto kubwa za upatikanaji wa fedha.
“ Tunawashukuru wadau wetu wa maendeleo ambao kwa kweli wametusaidia kutuunga mkono katika zoezi hilo na zaidi ya Shilindi Bilioni Tatu {3,000,000,000 } walizitenga kwa ajili ya kazi hiyo “. Alisema Mh. Muigulu Nchemba.

Akitoa Taarifa fupi ya utekelezaji wa kazi ya uhakiki wa Baadhi ya mipaka ya Wilaya Tanzania Bara na Zanzibar kwenye Kikao hicho Mkurugenzi Mkuu wa Ofisi ya Taifa yaTakwimu Tanzania Dr. Albina Chua alisema zoezi la uhakiki huo tayari limeshafanyika kwa Wilaya za Gairo na Chemba kwa Tanzania Bara na Wete na Micheweni kwa upande wa Zanzibar.

Dr. Albina alisema uhakiki huo wa mipaka ya Wilaya na Halmashauri umekuja kufuatia mapungufu yaliyojitokeza katika baadhi ya Wilaya hizo na kusababisha kuwemo kwa matumizi ya mipaka zaidi ya mmoja.

Alisema Utekelezaji wa kazi hiyo ulitokana na matokeo ya kazi ya awali iliyofanywa katika Wilaya ya Gairo ambapo Kamati ya Taifa ya ushauri ya Sensa iliagiza kufanyika kama sampuli ya kujua tatizo la utoaji wa mipaka ya kiutawala.

Naye Mtakwimu Mkuu wa Serikali ya Mapinduzi ya Zanzibar Mohd Hafidh akitoa Taarifa ya Utekelezaji wa Kazi hiyo ya uhakiki wa mipaka kwa upande wa Zanzibar alisema kazi hiyo imeanza kwa kuundwa kwa Timu ya Maofisa watakaoshughulikia kazi hiyo.

Alisema kazi hiyo iliyoanza Tarehe 8 Aprili mwaka huu inatyarajiwa kuchukuwa wiki mbili katika Wilaya ya Wete na kuendelea katika Wilaya ya Micheweni lengo ni kuziwezesha Taasisi husika kujua changamoto mbali mbali za mipaka ya Wilaya na namna ya kuzitafutia ufumbuzi ili kuwa na Mipaka inayofanana.

Akitoa shukrani zake kwa Wajumbe wa Kamati hiyo Mwenyekiti Mwenza wa Kamati Kuu ya Taifa ya Sensa ya Watu na Makazi ya mwaka 2012 Makamu wa Pili wa Rais wa Zanzibar Balozi Seif Ali Iddi aliipongeza Sekreteri ya Kamati Kuu ya Taifa ya Sensa kwa Kazi kubwa inayoendelea kuifanya tokea kumalizika kwa zoezi la Sensa ya watu na Makazi Nchini Tanzania.

Othman Khamis Ame
Ofisi ya Makamu wa Pili wa Rais wa Zanzibar

Thursday, 10 April 2014

David Rockefeller Bridging Leadership Award goes to Nigerian Minister, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala

The Finance Minister and Coordinating Minister for the Economy Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala yesterday, April 8th, has been honoured with the prestigious David Rockefeller Bridging Leadership Award alongside Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever and Simao Jatene, Governor of the State of Para, Brazil in New York.

Okonjo-Iweala was joined by a list of high profile personalities such as the late Nelson Mandela, Kofi Anan, Bill Clinton, Sir Richard Branson, Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan, Bill Gates, President of Liberia Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, James Wolfenson etc, that have been honoured in the past.

The only other Nigerian who has previously received the award for her decades-long work of empowering women is Mrs. Bisi Fayemi.

In Okonjo-Iweala’s case, she is being honoured for her uncommon courage and capacity to deliver on the economy and lead, in a very difficult environment.

Organised as part of the Synergos Institute University for a Night Series, the event brings together leaders from business, government and civil society to discuss innovative ways of addressing global problems.

Synergos is a group of leading philantropists that look at issues such as unleashing the leadership capacity of young people; changing the lives of women and girls; women’s health and social justice; improving governance to meet human needs; overcoming violence and sustaining peace.

Founded in 1986 by Peggy Rockefeller Dulany who serves as Chair, the organization supports initiatives in more than 30 countries and regions. It has staff and representatives in Africa, Europe, Middle East and Latin America.

Distributed by APO (African Press Organization) on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Finance, Nigeria.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

One million antimalarial treatments donated by Novartis, matching one million treatments funded through Malaria No More’s Power of One campaign

Novartis (NVS) announced today that two million treatments of its pediatric antimalarial are arriving in Zambia thanks to the ongoing efforts of the company in collaboration with Malaria No More’s Power of One campaign. 

Zambia is the first beneficiary country of this campaign sponsored by Novartis. One million treatments of Coartem® Dispersible have been funded through public donations and Novartis matched these with a further one million treatments. These antimalarials will reduce the disease burden in Zambia, which accounts for up to 40% of infant mortality in that country (2).

“Although the incidence of malaria has decreased, the disease still kills a child every minute in Africa,” said Joseph Jimenez, CEO of Novartis. “Our commitment to Power of One reflects our company’s long-term efforts to fight malaria and Novartis remains dedicated to controlling and ultimately eliminating this deadly disease.”

Power of One is a global digital fundraising campaign that enables people around the world to help end child deaths from malaria, a preventable and treatable disease. This fatal disease has been recognized by the World Health Organization as a priority area of public health. This year’s World Health Day focuses on vector-borne diseases, and malaria is the most deadly (3).

The campaign, which launched to the public in September 2013, uses social, mobile, and e-commerce technologies, enabling the public to purchase treatments for children in Zambia. Donors are able to share information with their social networks and encourage friends to donate.

“One and a half million treatments are already on the ground in Zambia thanks to the Power of One campaign, with a further 500,000 anticipated in the coming weeks,” said Martin Edlund, CEO, Malaria No More. “Power of One is resonating with the general public, and their donations will help us ensure that children in Zambia will have access to the treatment they need.”

Novartis is supporting the campaign financially and has pledged to match up to 1 million treatments funded by the public every year through 2015. For more than a decade, the Novartis Malaria Initiative has worked to improve access to treatment, help communities deliver better healthcare and has invested in research and development into the next generation of antimalarials. 

Since 2009, Novartis has delivered over 600 million treatments, of which more than 200 million were treatments developed specifically for children, without profit to malaria-endemic countries. Never before have so many pediatric treatments been distributed in such a short timeframe to children suffering from malaria.

Distributed by APO (African Press Organization) on behalf of Novartis AG.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

NASDAQ OMX’s GlobeNewswire is the world's largest financial newswire distribution networ

APO (African Press Organization) , the sole press release wire in Africa, and the global leader in media relations related to Africa, announces today that it has become an authorized agency client in Africa for NASDAQ OMX's  GlobeNewswire , one of the world's largest financial newswire distribution networks, specializing in the delivery of corporate press releases, financial disclosures and multimedia content to the media, investment community, individual investors and the general public.

"We are excited about offering GlobeNewswire’s services to APO clients,” said APO Founder and CEO, Nicolas Pompigne-Mognard. “This is indeed timely due to our revamped brand image. It is a fact that more and more African companies are getting international recognition, and we are proud to support their expansive growth by providing new, industry-leading distribution services via GlobeNewswire.”

Through GlobeNewswire, APO will offer its clients comprehensive press release distribution options which include:

• Press Release Distribution via the Associated Press: A wide variety of national, regional, state, and city distribution circuits are available through GlobeNewswire. All U.S. distribution circuits reach the editorial newsrooms of mainstream media such as national and regional newspapers, broadcast and online media.

• Thousands of Online Reach: Through direct relationships with online media and hundreds of RSS feeds, press releases reach and can be posted on thousands of websites such as Yahoo!, Wall Street Journal Online,, MSN Money,, New York Times,, etc. 

• Complimentary Distribution to Industry Trades: Over 300+ industry trades distribution are available with the purchase of press release distribution service. 

• Timely Disclosure of Regulatory Press Release: Simultaneous distribution to media outlets, financial desktops/data terminals and professional databases such as Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg, and Dow Jones.

• Global Press Release Distribution: With strong affiliation with reputable international distribution partners, GlobeNewswire operates a global distribution network which offers a wide variety of distribution circuits to reach global financial and trade media outlets and investment communities efficiently.

• Logo Placement via Times Square Tower: Client’s company logo and abstract of press release can be showcased on the NASDAQ tower at the Times Square in New York City.

• Photo Distribution via Associated Press: Through AP satellite technology, photos are delivered directly to photo editors in over 1,500 newsrooms in the U.S. with advanced searching capabilities that allow editors to find photos that closely match their needs. 

APO manages Africa Wire®, the service for press release wire distribution and monitoring in Africa, reaching over 50,000 media contacts, bloggers, social networks, and redistributing content to over 50 African websites, Bloomberg Terminal, Thomson Reuters, Lexis Nexis, Dow Jones Factiva, and more. 

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Africa’s success streak continues in 2014

Having won multiple awards for its work in Africa in 2013, DHL Express  has once again been recognized for various achievements in the region, highlighting its continued investment and commitment to developing and improving customer service and human talent across the continent.

Since January 2014 the logistics company has received eleven global awards, including Stevie and awards, which recognize achievements in staff excellence, customer service, service delivery and HR management, to name a few.

According to Charles Brewer, Managing Director of DHL Express Sub-Saharan Africa, these awards highlight how the company is consistently able to unlock human capital potential, and marry these talents with innovative industry solutions which ultimately improve the level of customer service in Sub-Saharan Africa.

He says that these awards draw attention to the caliber of talent available on the continent, as well as the importance of continually developing employees’ talent and engagement levels. “If developed and managed correctly, these engagement levels can result in employees offering exceptional service to clients. 

“According to a recently published survey conducted by Emergence Growth, employee engagement in Sub-Saharan Africa is higher than in all other global regions measured, and as many as 72% of employees in the region are considered “engaged”.

“According to the study, an engaged employee is considered one that is fully absorbed in their work, intellectually involved and thus motivated to do their best work for the company. We ensure that talent and employee development plays an integral role in our ongoing strategy, as valuable and engaged staff will ensure a successful and profitable business.” 

The awards won in 2014 thus far include’s 100 best places to work in Nigeria, a Gold Stevie Award for Sales Turnaround of the year, a Silver Stevie Award for Customer Service Training team of the year, two Bronze Stevie Awards in the insurance and customs category, two PMR Africa Awards (Gold and Diamond) in Namibia, two PMR Africa Awards (Gold and Silver) in South Africa and two PMR Africa Awards in Kenya.

Brewer says that these awards are testament to the company’s vision, passion and attitude. There is a healthy mix of recognition ranging from customer service to motivated employees – both of which form part of our four pillars, which are Motivated People, Great Service Quality, Loyal Customers and a Profitable Network. 

“We truly value external recognition and believe that it affirms our position as the International Specialists in Africa. With our continued investment and expansion planned across Africa, we are confident that 2014 will be another great year for us - 36 years and counting in Africa and we’re showing no signs of slowing down,” concludes Brewer.

Distributed by APO (African Press Organization) on behalf of Deutsche Post DHL.

CHEK inahamu ya kujenga bandari ya kisasa Zanzibar

Kampuni ya Ujenzi wa Bandari ya Jamuhuri ya Watu wa China { CHEC } imeonyesha shauku ya kutaka kujenga Bandari kubwa hapa Zanzibar kwa lengo la kuifanya Zanzibar kuwa katika ramani ya Dunia kwa utoaji wa huduma za Kimataifa za usafiri wa Baharini.

Kauli hiyo imetolewa na Muwakilishi wa Kampuni hiyo yenye Tawi la Ofisi yake Nchini Tanzania Bwana Xu Xinpei wakati akizungumza na Makamu wa Pili wa Rais wa Zanzibar Balozi Seif Ali Iddi hapo Ofisini kwake Vuga Mjini Zanzibar.

Bwana Xu Xinpei alisema Zanzibar imebarikiwa kuwa na eneo zuri la uwekezaji katika masuala ya usafiri wa Bandari Sambamba na Utalii jambo ambalo Kampuni hiyo imevutiwa kutaka kuwekeza katika Sekta hizo.

Alisema mradi huo ambao kitaalamu umekisiwa kugharimu zaidi ya Dola za Kimarekani Milion 40 unaweza kutoa fursa kwa meli kubwa za Makontena pamoja na Watalii kutoka Bara la Asia kuitumia Bandari hiyo.

Alisema hatua hiyo mbali ya kuimarisha uhusiano wa muda mrefu uliopo kati ya Jamuhuri ya Watu wa China na Zanzibar na Tanzania kwa ujumla lakini pia utaongeza kasi ya Kibiashara katika mwambao wa Afrika Mashariki.

“ Tumekuwa tukishuhudia ongezeko kubwa la uwekezaji ndani ya Visiwa vya Zanzibar ambalo linaonekana kutawaliza zaidi na wawekezaji wa Bara la Ulaya wakati uwezo kama huo unawezekana pia kufanywa na wawekezaji wa Bara la Asia hasa China “. Alisema Mwakilishi wa Kampuni hiyo ya ujenzi wa Bandari ya China Bwana Xu Xinpei.

Akizungumzia suala la uwekezaji katika Sekta ya Utalii Bwana Xu Xinpei aliiomba Serikali ya Mapinduzi ya Zanzibar kuipatia Kampuni yake eneo maalum kwa ajili ya ujenzi wa Hoteli kubwa ya Kitalii hapa Nchini.

Alisema ujenzi wa Hoteli hiyo unaweza kuamsha ari kwa wageni na watalii kutoka Kisiwa cha Hainan Nchini China kutembelea Zanzibar kitendo ambacho kitaongeza kasi ya ushirikiano wa pande hizo mbili.

Alieleza kwamba Jamuhuri ya Watu wa China imekuwa ikivunja rekodi ya idadi kubwa ya watalii wanaotembea na kuzunguuka maeneo mbali mbali ya Kihistoria Ulimwenguni.

Akitoa shukrani zake Makamu wa Pili wa Rais wa Zanzibar Balozi Seif Ali Iddi aliuomba Uongozi wa Kampuni hiyo kufanya mawasiliano na Mamlaka ya Uwekezaji Vitega Uchumi Zanzibar {ZIPA } na ile ya Ardhi ili kuona malengo waliyoyapanga yanafanikiwa na kuleta ustawi wa pande zote mbili.

Balozi Seif alisema Zanzibar na China na hasa Kisiwa cha Hainan zimekuwa na uhusiano wa kipindi kirefu kutokana na watu wake pamoja na mimea inayofanana kimazingira.

Wakati huo huo Makamu wa Pili wa Rais wa Zanzibar Balozi Seif alikutana kwa mazungumzo na Balozi wa Malawi Nchini Tanzania Balozi Flossie Gomile Tijaonga ofisini kwake Vuga.

Katika mazungumzo yao viongozi hao waligusia uhusiano na ushirikiano uliopo wa muda mrefu kati ya Tanzania na Malawi ambao umeasisiwa na Viongozi wa mwanzo wa Mataifa hayo.

Alisema bado upo umuhimu wa kuendelezwa kwa uhusiano huo kutokana na Historia ya kudai uhuru kutoka kwa wakoloni iliyosimamiwa na Rais wa Kwanza wa Tanzania Marehemu Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere na mwenzake wa Malawi Marehema Kamuzu Banda.

Naye kwa upande wake Balozi wa Malawi Nchini Tanzania Balozi Flossie Gomile Tijaonga alisema Mataifa hayo mawili yamekuwa yakishirikiana kiuchumi kwa kipindi kirefu.

Balozi Flossie Gomile alisema Malawi imekuwa ikiitumia Bandari ya Dar es salaam kwa miaka mingi kupitishia bidhaa na mizigo yake kitendo ambacho kinastahiki kiendelezaw kwa faina ya pande hizo mbili.

Mwanadiplomasia huyo wa Malawi Nchini Tanzania ameipongeza Zanzibar na Watu wake kutokana na mazingira mazuri pamoja na ukarimu wa watu wake unaotoa fursa ya watu wa mataifa mbali mbali duniani kupendelea kutembelea Zanzibar.

Alisema hiyo inatokana na Historia kubwa ya Zanzibar katika Nyanja za Kimataifa hasa katika masuala ya Biashara na Utalii.

Othman Khamis Ame
Ofisi ya Makamu wa Pili wa Rais wa Zanzibar

Friday, 4 April 2014

The addition of Strategy& increases the pool of talented people within the PwC Network - Suresh Kana, PwC Africa Senior Partner

PwC is pleased to announce today the successful completion of its combination with Booz & Company. With the granting of all regulatory approvals for Booz & Company to join PwC, it is now officially part of the PwC Network. All closing conditions for the deal have been met.

Marking this occasion, Booz & Company has changed its name to Strategy&(pronounced Strategy and). This new name, which will be used alongside the PwC name and brand, reflects the strength in strategy consulting that Booz & Company brings to the PwC Network and the benefits this deal will bring to all clients and stakeholders. After a short grace period, Booz & Company can’t legally continue to use the Booz name following the change in ownership.

Welcoming the Strategy& team to the PwC Network, Dennis Nally, Chairman of PricewaterhouseCoopers International, says: “Today signifies an important step for PwC, our clients and stakeholders. 

Businesses are navigating unprecedented, disruptive threats and organisations increasingly want the right strategy and the ability to execute it. Together PwC and Strategy& meet this need – delivering superior value to our clients and stakeholders, attracting premium talent and helping businesses around the world build their capabilities on a global scale.

“This combination of PwC and Strategy& will see PwC lead the way in changing the landscape of the global consulting business,” adds Nally.

Suresh Kana, PwC Africa Senior Partner, says: “The addition of Strategy& increases the pool of talented people within the PwC Network. Strategy& deploys the best industry experts suited to a strategic challenge, on a global scale. Tapping into these global resources will enable PwC Africa to assist our stakeholders in solving important problems.”

“We are delighted to be joining PwC, the leading professional services network in the world, as it enables us to offer both our clients and our people a bigger, broader and better opportunity to connect strategy to impact,” says Cesare Mainardi, CEO of Strategy&.

“Strategy& brings a 100-year heritage of practical strategy advice to PwC’s broad and deep portfolio of expert advisory services. On day one, we can meet clients’ needs for a full menu of strategy-through-execution services, and a single point of access in delivering results. We have the footprint, the scale, the resources, and the proven capabilities to help global enterprises every step of the way from strategy to outcomes. It’s an exciting prospect,” adds Mainardi.

PwC Strategy&’s Board of Directors will be chaired by Tony Poulter, a PwC partner and global consulting leader. Cesare Mainardi will be CEO of Strategy&. He has been the CEO of Booz & Company for the past two years.

Distributed by APO (African Press Organization) on behalf of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC).

Winners of Media Awards on Electrical Counterfeiting in Africa announced

Schneider Electric the global specialist in energy management, today announced the winners of the first edition of the Media Awards on Electrical Counterfeiting in Africa, which recognises African journalists who publish or broadcast outstanding investigative reports on issues relating to electrical counterfeiting in Africa.

"Schneider Electric is extremely proud to award the very first Media Awards on Electrical Counterfeiting in Africa. We were very impressed by both the quantity and quality of entries, judging was an incredibly difficult process but we were unanimous in our decision that Adedeji Ademigbuji and Birame Faye were worthy winners. On behalf of Schneider Electric, and personally, I would like to express my warmest congratulations to these two very talented journalists," stated Mohammed Saad, President of Schneider Electric in Africa.

Both winners will soon be invited to France where they will receive their prizes during a ceremony to take place in the presence of Mme Tracy Garner - Global Anti-counterfeiting Manager - Schneider Electric.

Adedeji Ademigbuji started his journalism career in 2001 as an intern after completing a National Diploma Programme from The Polytechnic, Ibadan, Oyo State (Nigeria).

In 2006, Adedeji joined the National Standard news magazine. Later that year, he left the National Standard as a senior correspondent to work as a freelance writer for The Sun newspaper. In 2011, Adedeji joined the National Mirror as a business correspondent. 

After winning the 2013 Social Enterprise Reporting Award, SERA, in the CSR Category and the Nigerian Media Merit Awards, NMMA, Coca-Cola Prize for the Brands & Marketing Category, with records in the Newspaper Reporter of the Year and Telecom Reporter of the Year categories, he was invited by The Nation newspaper to handle the paper's Brands & Marketing pages.

A graduate of the Institute of Science and Information Technology (CESTI) at Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar (Senegal), Birame Faye joined Le Quotidien newspaper immediately after completing his studies. Birame specialised in online journalism at Berlin International Institute, before being assigned to his newspaper's political section. 

He then took part in two training courses in economic and financial journalism at the Thomson Reuters Foundation. In 2012, he also attended a training course in investigative journalism provided by the Panos Institute in West Africa (IPAO). On two occasions, he was awarded the First Prize for Investigative Journalism launched by the IPAO. Birame Faye holds a Masters degree in Media and Communication, as well as a Masters degree in Project Management.

Distributed by APO (African Press Organization) on behalf of Schneider Electric SA.

Balozi Seif ataka vipaji vitunzwe

Makamu wa Pili wa Rais wa Zanzibar Balozi Seif Ali Iddi alisema vipaji vilivyoibuka na kushuhudiwa ndani ya mashindano ya mbio za nyika vinafaa kutunzwa na kuandaliwa mazingira ya kuviendeleza zaidi.

Balozi alieleza hayo wakati wa mashindano ya Pili ya Mbio za Nyika { Cross Country } 2014 zilizoanzia mbele ya Skuli ya Sekondari ya Ben Bella Mjini Zanzibar zikiwa za Kilo Mita Nne, Sita na Nane kwa kushirikisha wanafunzi wa msingi na sekondari.

Alisema Serikali ya Mapinduzi ya Zanzibar kupitia Wizara ya Elimu na Mafunzo ya Amali Zanzibar kwa kushirikiana na Wizara ya Habari Utyamaduni,. Utalii na Michezo itajitahidi kuwajengea mazingira bora vijana hao wenye vipaji maalum.

Balozi Seif alieleza kwamba michezo hivi sasa imekuwa ajira kubwa na tayari imeshawajengea mazingira mazuri ya utajiri wachezaji mbali mbali wa kimataifa Ulimwenguni.

“ Tumeshuhudia wanafunzi wetu hawa wakionyesha umahiri na vipaji vyao katika mashindano haya kitendo ambacho kitasaidia kuibua vipaji vya wanamichezo chipukizi “. Alifafanua Balozi Seif.

Makamu wa Pili wa Rais wa Zanzibar aliwapongeza wanafunzi hao kwa kujikita zaidi katika sekta ya michezo na kuwashukuru wanafunzi wa Shule ya Msingi ya Filbert Bay ya Mkoani Kibaha kuungana na wenzao katika mashindano hayo.

Ushiriki wa Wanafunzi hao wa Filbert Bay umedhihirisha wazi mshikamano, upendo na udugu uliopo baina ya wanafunzi wa pande mbili za Jamuhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania.

Katika mashindano hayo Balozi Seif alikabidhi zawadi mbali mbali kwa washindi wa mashindano ya Pili ya mbio za Nyika ambapo Skuli ya Msingi ya Filbert Bay ikionyesha umahiri wake wa ushindi na kiufuatiwa na Skuli ya Ndijani ya Wilaya ya Kati.

Akisoma Risala kwenye mashindano hayo Mkuu wa Kitengo cha Michezo Wizara ya Elimu na Mafunzo ya Amali Maalim Mussa Abdullrabi jumla ya skuli 26 za Sekondari na skuli 21 za Msingi zikijumuisha wanafunzi 485 zilishirikia mashindano hayo.

Mwalimu Mussa Abdullrabi alisema lengo la kuanzishwa kwa Michezo hiyo ni kuitikia agizo la Rais wa Zanzibar na Mwenyekiti wa Baraza la Mapinduzi Dr. Ali Mohd Shein la kutaka kufufuliwa kwa vugu vugu la michezo mbali mbali hapa Zanzibar.

Mkuu huyo wa Kitengo cha Michezo Wizara ya Elimu alifahamisha kwamba Wizara hiyo imejipanga kuanzisha Dawati la Michezo litakaloipa fursa Wizara hiyo kushajiisha wafadhili na wadau wa Michezo kusaidia Vifaa klwa ajili ya kuendeleza michezo mbali mbali Maskulini.

Katika mashindano hayo Mbio za Kilomita Nne Wanawake washindi ni Taresia Josephat, Evodia Gabriel na Estar Martin wote kutoka skuli ya Msingi ya Filbert Bay ya Mkoani Kibaha.

Washindi Watatu wa Kilomita Nane ni Idrissa Yussuf wa Skuli ya Mtoni, Salum Pnadu wa Skuli ya Ndijani na Maneno Salim Ali wa Skuli ya Mtoni wakati Kilomita Sta Wanawake washindi walikuwa Regina Deograstius, Doles Contas na Regina Michael wote wa Filbert Bay ya Kibaha.

Kilomita Sita wanaume washindi ni Ibrahim Rashid wa Skuli ya Ndijani, Salha Hamad wa Skuli ya Welezo na Ali Simai Haji wa Skuli ya Ndijani.

Ujumbne wa Mwaka huu katika mashindano hayo ya Mbio za Pili za Nyika { Cross Country } ni “ Acha unyanyasaji, mwache Mtoto acheze kwa usalama” .

Othman Khamis Ame

Ofisi ya Makamu wa Pili wa Rais wa Zanzibar

Thursday, 3 April 2014

CCM bado inasimamia ilaki yake:Balozi Seif

Mjumbe wa Kamati Kuu ya Halmashauri Kuu ya Taifa ya CCM Balozi Seif Ali Iddi alisema Serikali zote mbili zinazosimamia utekelezaji wa Ilani ya Chama cha Mapinduzi ya mwaka 2010 iliyopata ridhaa ya Wananachi walio wengi kuongoza Dola hazitokubali kuvumilia mtu au Taasisi yoyote inayojaribu kuichezea amani iliyopo Nchini.

Alisema Zanzibar itaendelea kuwa tulivu, amani,salama na Serikali kupitia vyombo vyake vya Ulinzi itakuwa tayari wakati wote kupambana na watu au makundi yoyote yenye muelekeo wa kuhatarisha amani hiyo.

Balozi Seif alitoa kauli hiyo wakati akikabidhi mchango wa Vifaa mbali mbali kwa ajili ya uendelezaji ujenzi wa Maskani ya Chama cha Mapinduzi ya Tupendane iliyopo Kazole ndani ya Jimbo la Kitope.

Alitahadharisha kwamba ye yote atakayejaribu kuleta vurugu au uchochezi ndani ya Zanzibar ahakikishe atashughulikiwa na vyombo vinavyohusika na ulinzi na endapo yupo Mtu au Taasisi inataka kujaribu kutania suala hilo ijaribu kufanya hivyo.

“ Nataka niwahakikishe wananchi kwamba Zanzibar itaendelea kuwa na Utulivu, Zanzibar itakuwa ya Amani. Serikali itakuwa tayari kwa njia ye yote ile kuhakikisha kuwa utulivu wa Jamii unaendeleo kuwepo muda wote ”. Alieleza Balozi Seif.

Akizungumzia suala la Bunge la Katiba linaloendelea Mjini Dodoma Balozi Seif alisema Viongozi wenye nia safi ya Hatma ya Taifa hili watahakikisha kwamba Katiba itakayopatikana italinda maslahi ya Muungano wa Watu wake wa pande zote mbili za Muungano huo.

Aliwathibitishia Wananchi kwamba mchakato wa Bunge hilo la Katiba utakwenda vizuri wakati huuna aliwatahadharisha wananchi kuwa makini katika kufuatilia mchakato huo pamoja na kuwaepuka Viongozi wanaotumia majukwaa ya Kisiasa kujaribu kuwapotosha wananchi kwenye mwenendo wa mchakato huo.

Mjumbe huyo wa Halmashauri Kuu ya Taifa ya CCM ambae pia ni Mbunge wa Kitope Balozi Seif amewaagiza Vijana wa Maskani hiyo ya CCM ya Tupendane Kazole wajitahidi kumaliza jengo lao haraka iwezekanavyo ili liendane na hadhi ya chama chao.

Balozi Seif pia aliwaomba Vijana hao kuunga mkono wito wa Makamu Mwenyekiti wa Chama cha Mapinduzi Zanzibar ambae pia ni Rais wa Zanzibar na Mwenyekiti wa Baraza la Mapinduzi Mh. Dr. Ali Mohd Shein wa kuwataka vijana kufufua maskani za Chama katika maeneo mbali mbali Nchini.

Alieleza kuwa Maskani ndizo jiko na tanuri linalooka watumishi na viongozi Mahiri wa kukisimamia vyema Chama cha Mapinduzi katika utekelezaji wa Ilani na Katiba yake .

Aliwahakikishia Vijana hao wa Maskani ya Tupendane kwamba licha ya Kikao cha bunge Maalum cha Katiba kinachoendelea Mjini Dodoma kujadili Katiba Mpya lakini alisema bado mfumo wa Muungano wa Serikali Mbili Nchini Tanzania ndio wenye nguvu ya kustawisha Umoja na Muungano uliodumu kwa miaka 50 sasa.

Naye Mke wa Mjumbe huyo wa Kamati Kuu ya Halmashauri Kuu ya Taifa ya CCM Mama Asha Suleiman Iddi aliwaasa Vijana hao wa Maskazi ya CCM Tupendane Kazole kuisoma Historia ya Nchihii ili kujaribu kuepuka ushawishi unalenga kuwagawa Vijana hao.

Mapema Balozi Seif alikabidhi vifaa mbali mbali vya ujenzi wa Maskani hiyo ikiwa ni pamoja na Mabati, Miti ya Kuezekea, Matofali, Kokoto, Nondo , saruji pamoja na fedha za Fundi vyote vikiwa na thamani ya shilingi Milioni 1.4.

Naye MamaAsha Suleiman Iddi katika kushajiisha Vijana hao wa Maskani akakabidhi mchango wa Shilingi Laki 400,000/- kwa Vikundi vya Maigizo na Ngoma ili kuwajenga nguvu za uhamasishaji Jimboni humo.

Othman Khamis Ame
Ofisi ya Makamu wa Pili wa Rais wa Zanzibar

NMB yatowa msaada maskulini

Benki ya kuhudumia Wananchi wa Kawaida Nchini { NMB } imekabidhi mchango wa Vikalio 100 kwa ajili ya kusaidia sekta ya Elimu katika Skuli za Sekondari za Donge na Kitope zilizomo ndani ya Wilaya ya Kasakazini “ B “ Mkoa wa Kaskazini Unguja.

Msaada huo wa Vikalio wenye gharama ya shilingi za Kitanzania Milioni Kumi utasaidia kupunguza uhaba wa madeski kwa Skuli hizo za Donge na Kitope ambapo kila Skuli imefanikiwa kupata madeski 50.

Meneja wa Tawi la NBC Zanzibar Bwana Bakari Khamis Moh’d alikabidhi msaada huo kwa Mbunge wa Jimbo la Kitope Balozi Seif Ali Iddi pamoja na Mbunge wa Jimbo la Donge Mh. Sadifa Juma Khamis hafla iliyofanyika hapo katika skuli ya Sekondari Kitope.

Meneja huyo wa Tawi la Benki ya NMB Bwana Bakari aliiomba Jamii kuendelea kuiunga mkono Benki hiyo ili kusaidia kuipa nguvu za kiutendaji itakaoongeza kasi ya kusaidia harakati za Kijamii Nchini.

Alisema Benki hiyo tokea kuasisiwa kwake mnamo mwaka 1997 imekuwa ikijitahidi kuunga mkono maendeleo ya Wananchi hasa katika miradi iliyomo ndani ya Sekta ya Elimu.

Akitoa shukrani zake mara baada ya kupokea msaada huo wa vikalio Mbunge wa Jimbo la Kitope ambae pia ni Makamu wa Pili wa Rais wa Zanzibar Balozi Seif Ali Iddi ameziomba Benki nyengine Nchini kuiga mfano wa Benki ya NMB katika kusaidia maendeleo ya Wananchi.

Balozi Seif alisema taasisi za Kifedha ndani na nje ya nchi zimekuwa na mfumo maalum unaosaidia kuunga mkono juhudi za jamii katika maeneo tofauti ya kiuchumi na ustawi wa jamii.

Alisema Wananchi hawanabudi kushirikiana na kuzipa nguvu taasisi hiyo ili ziweze kutekeleza malengo zilizojipangia.

“ Ukweli halisi NMB ni Benki ya wanyonge. Ni Benki yetu inayolenga kuhudumia wananachi wa kipato cha chini. Huyu ndie rafiki yetu na tunapaswa kumuunga mkono “. Alisema Balozi Seif.

Naye Mbunge wa Jimbo la Donge Mh. Sadifa Juma Khamis alisema Benki ya NMB imeonyesha umahiri mkubwa katika kutekeleza ilani ya Uchaguzi ya CCM ya mwaka 2010 ambayo imejipangia kuimarisha Sekta ya Elimu iliyo muhimili pekee wa maendeleo ya kiuchumi kwa Taifa lolote Duniani.

Akisoma risala ya Walimu na wazazi wa Skuli za Donge na Kitope Mwalimu Mkuu wa Skuli ya Sekondari ya Kitope Mwalimu Suleiman Juma Makame ameupongeza Uongozi wa Benki hiyo pamoja na ule wa Jimbo la Kitope kwa juhudi zao zilizojikita zaidi katika kuimarisha Sekta ya Elimu.

Hata Hivyo Mwalimu Suleiman alisema zipo changa moto zinazoendelea kuzikabili skuli hiyo akatolea mfano wa Skuli yake ya Kitope inayokabiliwa na uhaba wa Vifaa vya Maabara pamoja na uwezekwaji wa jengo moja la Skuli hiyo.

Akitoa salamu za Wizara ya Elimu na Mafunzo ya Amali Zanzibar Afisa Elimu wa Wilaya ya Kaskazini “B “ Mwalimu Ussi Machano alieleza kwamba mchango wa Mbunge wa Jimbo la Kitope Balozi Seif katika Sekta ya Elimu umekuwa mfano wa kuigwa na Viongozi wengine hapa Nchini.

Mwalimu Ussi Machano alisema kwamba mchango huo kwa kiasi kikubwa umeipunguzia mzigo mkubwa Wizara ya Elimu na Mafunzo ya Amali katika ukamilishaji wa Majengo mbali mbali ya Skuli yanayoanzishwa na wananchi wenyewe kwa mpango wa kujitolea.

Huu ni mkupuo wa Pili kwa Benki hiyo ya NMB kusaidia vikalio kwa Skuli za Donge na Kitope.

Othman Khamis Ame

Ofisi ya Makamu wa Pili wa Rais wa Zanzibar

SMZ yaanda sera ya ardhi

Serikali ya Mapinduzi ya Zanzibar iko katika matayarisho ya mwisho ya kuandaa Sera mpya ya Ardhi itakayozingatia hali halisi ya mahitaji na matumizi bora ya Ardhi iliyopo Nchini kwa Maendeleo ya Kiuchumi.

Sera hiyo itakwenda sambamba na mageuzi makubwa ya kuendeleza sekta hiyo katika kupanga upya matumizi ya ardhi yote ya Zanzibar yanayoendana na matayarisho ya Mipango Miji yanayoendelea.

Kauli hiyo imetolewa na Makamu wa Pili wa Rais wa Zanzibar Balozi Seif Ali Iddi katika sherehe za kuadhimisha mwaka mmoja wa usajili wa Ardhi zilizofanyika katika Hoteli ya Bwawani Mjini Zanzibar.

Balozi Seif alisema usajili wa ardhi Nchini kwa muda mrefu ulikuwa ukikatishwa mara kwa mara kutokana na migogoro ya ardhi inayoleta kero kutokana na mizozo ya Kijamii na kuigharimu Serikali Kuu fedha nyingi.

Alisema migogoro mingi iliyojichomoza katika maeneo mbali mbali hapa Nchini imekuwa ikisababishwa na baadhi ya Wananchi kwa kuamua kutumia ardhi kinyume na utaratibu uliowekwa kisheria wa haki ya matumizi ya ardhi.

“ Usajili wa ardhi umekuwa ukihimizwa sana Duniani kutokana na kupelekea usimamizi mzuri wa matumizi ya ardhi. Usajili wa Ardhi unahitaji ardhi kutambuliwa, kupimwa na hatimae miji na vijiji vipangwe bila ya migogoro “. Alisisitiza Balozi Seif.

Makamu wa Pili wa Rais wa Zanzibar alitoa wito kwa wananchi kuendelea kushirikiana na watendaji wa Taasisi za Ardhi na Upimaji katika hatua za awali za utambuzi na upimaji hasa kwenye maeneo ambayo bado hayajafanyiwa usajili ili kufanikisha vizuri azma hiyo njema ya Serikali.

Alisisitiza kwamba kwa vile ardhi ni msingi mkuu wa maendeleo kwa nchi yoyote Duniani, Wananchi hawana budi kujenga katika maeneo yaliyopimwa kwa kufuata taratibu zilizowekwa na sheria za mipango miji na vijiji.

“ Katika usajili wa ardhi malengo yaliyokusudiwa ni kuona kuwa watumiaji halali wa eneo husika wanatambuliwa na maeneo yanapimwa, vyenginevyo uvamizi wa ardhi na ujengaji holela usiofuata taratibu kamwe hautovumiliwa “. Alionya Makamu wa Pili wa Rais wa Zanzibar.

Katika kufanikisha nia njema ya Taifa ya matumizi mazuri ya ardhi Balozi Seif alisema Serikali ya Mapinduzi ya Zanzibar inapanga upya matumizi ya ardhi katika ukanda wa pwani, Vijijini na tayari zoezi hilo limeshakamilika katika Kijiji cha Nungwi Mkoa wa Kaskazini Unguja.

Alieleza kuwa jitihada kubwa zimechukuliwa na Serikali juu ya suala zima la upimaji na usajili wa ardhi ambapo jaribio la kwanza la usajili kwa utaratibu wa utambuzi unaoambatana na upimaji wa ardhi lilifanyika mwaka 1994 kwa ufadhili wa Serikali ya Finland kupitia mradi wa ZILEM.

Balozi Seif alifahamisha kwamba mipangilio ya upimaji wa mashamba kwa lengo la usajili ilianza kufikiriwa tokea mwaka 1920 lakini ilishindikana kutekelezwa kutokana na ukosefu wa fedha.

Hata hivyo Makamu wa Pili wa Rais wa Zanzibar alisema mnamo mwaka 1981 Serikali ilifanikiwa kufanya upimaji wa ardhi kwa msaada wa Serikali ya Sweden lakini usajili wake haukufanyika.

Makamu wa Pili wa Rais wa Zanzibar aliishukuru Serikali ya Finland kupitia Balozi wake aliyopo Nchini Tanzania pamoja na kuipongeza Serikali ya Jamuhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania kwa kuendelea kuiunga mkono Serikali ya Mapinduzi ya Zanzibar kwenye zoezi hilo la usajili wa ardhi kupitia mradi wa MKURABITA. Akitoa Taarifa ya usajili wa ardhi MRAJIS WA Ardhi Zanzibar Bibi Mwanamkaa Abdullrahman Mohd alisema Nyumba zipatazo elfu 1,300 zimeshasajiliwa katika mshehia 16 zilizomo ndani ya Wilaya ya Mjini.

Bibi Mwanamkaa alisema wataalamu na watendaji wa Ofisi ya msajili wa ardhi wanaendelea kuyatambua mashamba yapatayo 22,746 Unguja na Pemba.

Alieleza kwamba katika kwenda sambamba na zoezi hilo la usajili wa ardhi hatua zinaendelea kuchukuliwa katika usajili wa ardhi kupitia mfumo wa kisasa wa mtandao wa Kompyuta.

Hata hivyo Mrajisi huyo wa Ardhi alielezea changamoto zilizojitokeza katika zoezi hilo la usajili wa ardhi katika maeneo yaliyokatwa eka tatu tatu ambayo mengi kati yao yamevamiwa kwa ujenzi wa nyumba za kudumu .

Aliipongeza Serikali Kuu kwa kusaidia utatuzi wa migogoro ya ardhi katika baadhi ya maeneo hapa nchini ambao umeleta utulivu baina ya pande zinazojichomoza kuzozana katika matumizi ya ardhi hizo.

Mapema Waziri wa Ardhi, Makazi, Maji na Nishati Mh. Ramadhan Abdulla Shaaban alisema migogoro inayofanywa na wajanja katika matumizi ya ardhi inaweza kuondoka iwapo wananchi wataamua kusajili ardhi wanazozitumia kila siku.

Waziri Shaaban alisema lengo lililowekwa na Ofisi ya Usajili wa Ardhi ni kuhakikisha ifikapo mwaka 2015 usajili wa ardhi ufikie asilimia 50% ya ardhi yote ya Unguja na Pemba.

Alisema eneo lililosajiliwa hadi sasa bado ni dogo ikilinganishwa na ardhi yote iliyopo katika Visiwa vya Zanzibar. Hivyo juhudi za Wananchi katika kushirikiana na Serikali Kuu zinahitajika zaidi ili kufanikisha mpango huo muhimu kwa maendeleo ya Taifa.

Katika Maadhimisho hayo ya kusherehekea mwaka Mmoja wa usajili wa Ardhi Makamu wa Pili wa Rais wa Zanzibar alizindua kadi ya usajili wa ardhi sambamba na kuzindua jarida la Ardhi.

Kadi hiyo yenye nambari maalum ya utambulisho na kumbu kumbu za usaliji wa ardhi itampa fursa muhusika kuitumia wakati wowote badala ya kuranda na waraka.

Ujumbe wa mwaka huu wa usajili wa ardhi Zanzibar ni Nyumba yangu imesajiliwa yako jee?

Othman Khamis Ame
Ofisi ya Makamu wa Pili wa Rais wa Zanzibar